Manual Dialer

Simply yet efficient our manual dialer allows agents to call clients from their workstations!

Preview Dialer

Our preview dialer automatically loads next contact to dial and provides the agent with the possibility to preview and to edit the contact entry, if required, before placing the call.

This type control over the interactions allows for better research and more chances of a successful transaction!

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Automated Interactions

Text message campaigns – create your own E-mail, SMS and Text message campaigns.

Keep your customers aware and warm-up your leads!

Automated IVR Surveys – Pre-recorded IVR messages with the option to create voice survey for your clients! Power up your chances of success and gain better market insights without spending enormous amounts – automate your surveys!

Database Processing

A database with contact data is a living organism. It changes and evolves all the time! We automatically check the database before importing them and remove or fix wherever possible bad entries.

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